Cobargo District Emergency Hay Fund

To assist farmers in the wake of the devastating fires around Cobargo, Bega Rotary has established a bank account to facilitate donations and payments for fodder. Bendigo Bank has provided the initial contribution. Bega Rotary sees this as a short term contribution until the major funders mobilise.

As at 5pm on 17 January 140 donations had been received to value of $48,200. The first load of hay donated and the Fund has purchased a second load of 1500 bales to be delivered in next couple of days.

As at 9am on 20th January 166 donations have been received to value of $52,770. First load of hay donated and the Fund has purchased a load of 1500 bales - 500 bales delivered last weekend and next 500 next weekend.

As at 15 February the Fund had received over $115,000 and paid out nearly $50,000. The current balance is over $66,000. We would like to extend a big thanks to the Canberra Raiders who donated $10,000 during their visit to Cobargo on 14 February.

You can donate at Bendigo Bank: BSB 633000: A/C 171138555

Bega Rotary looks to future projects as the rebuilding commences.

For further information contact Ange at 0400 323 617 or

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