Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA)

RYDA is a program managed by Road Safety Education to create awareness of the dangers of driving and issues that students need to aware of when they obtain their "L" and "P" licences

Bega Rotary has coordinated the program since 2007. The program locally is run over 3 days for students in year 11 at schools across the Bega Valley and Monaro . There are usually 2 to 3 schools participating each day with 460 students completing the program this year. The venue is the Frogs Hollow Go Kart Track south of Bega. A certificate was presented to the 5,000th student this year.

This year about 300 students attended in the program. Schools that that participated this year were Bega High, Eden Marine High, Bombala High, Lumen Christi Catholic College, South Coast Anglican College, Monaro High and Jindabyne Central with a small group from Moruya.

The following is some feed back from teachers an students this year:

All sessions worthwhile and powerful

Relevant and engaging

Follow-up discussion pieces for classes to assess what knowledge they have attained and check for learning

The RYDA course was extremely important and relative to choices they will need to make in the future. The presenters were engaging and informative all day

Refreshed on some road rules for teachers as well as some volunteers

Venue worked well and local facilitators was an excellent resource

Great speakers, timing suitable, food good

Personal stories of presenters clearly have the most impact on the students some students, teachers and volunteers clearly affected and confronted 

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